The Missing Link: Neuroscience research has shown that we cannot work with trauma without working with the body, but few of us are trained in body process. This one day online workshop covers theory and practical techniques for including the body in trauma therapy, based in neuroscience. Miriam Taylor, a Gestalt therapist, supervisor, international trainer and author, will guide the day. This will be an online training day, delivered via Zoom on Friday 15th October 2021.

  • Trauma: a public and personal health issue
  • The neurobiology of trauma – the triune brain, the vagus nerve, HPA axis and the window of tolerance; Hebb’s axiom
  • Somatic memory – implicit and procedural learning
  • Embodied survival responses – assessment and possible interventions
  • Embodied resonance and the therapist – reading the story
  • Understanding phobias of bodily experience
  • The ambiguous relationship many trauma victims have with pain
  • Shame and the body
  • Dissociation as disconnection from bodily experience
  • Reconnecting with the lived body – the phenomenological method
  • Breath – how and when to offer a range of techniques
  • Self-harm and the body
  • Trauma, self care and long term health

Miriam Taylor is a UKCP registered Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and international trainer who has been in private practice since 1995. Her background was in adult education before training as a counsellor and psychotherapist.  Working as clinical lead of a young peoples’ service  pointed her towards specialising in trauma, and for several years she worked in a specialist trauma service. With an ecological perspective on relationship, Miriam’s particular interest is in the relational integration of trauma and the role of the body. She teaches in the UK and internationally, and is on the Leadership Team of Relational Change. Publications include  ‘Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice’ (2014) and several peer reviewed and invited articles. Her second book ‘Deepening Trauma Practice’ is due out in July 2021.

Tickets for the training event are priced at £65.00 per person, discount for group bookings of more than 5, please email [email protected] for further information.

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STARS Dorset Trauma Training - Miriam Taylor

STARS Dorset Trauma Training - Miriam Taylor

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