Victoria Heeley

I work for one very vital charity and I volunteer for another and both are very close to my heart, so I am running the Virtual Great North Run on 13th September 2020 for both - you can donate to STARS-Dorset here or you can search for my Help for Heroes Just Giving page.

I started running shortly after my mum died in 2002, but I kinda hated it - I still went out and did my first ever Race for Life though, with some amazing friends alongwith me... and I've kinda had a love/hate relationship with running ever since. I've even run the Bournemouth 10km twice, but I've never run an 'official' race at half-marathon distance.

Last summer I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life (over 17 stone) but still trying to run (5km in ~45minutes) and then in mid-September 2019 I broke a bone in my left foot and was told to let it rest.... and enforced rest was actually just what I needed, on Jan 2nd 2020 I was finally given the all clear to exercise again and I had got back up to 4km non-stop when Lockdown happened (something none of us will ever forget!) and I have run 3 times a week every week since (and just stepped up to 4 times a week) and I can honestly say that I LOVE IT!, even on tough days I can appreciate the scenery and be so very grateful that I am able to get out my front door and get running.

for those of you that know me, you'll know it's my birthday just before the date of this run - if you were planning on sending me a card/present- would you consider donating the card/postage costs to one of these charities instead? they both need funds to be able to carry out their services that so many people rely on.

Thanks for reading :-)

Victoria Heeley