Skydive for STARS Dorset

Have you always wanted to do a Sky Dive but never quite had the opportunity or perhaps the reason to do? Now might be your chance! We are looking for some brave fundraisers to join us on the Friday 16th July 2021 at Go Sky Dive near Salisbury and take on an ultimate challenge, a 10,000ft or 15,000ft sky dive and help raise vital funds for the charity. If you want any further information or to book your place please email [email protected] Read more

The Missing Link - Training with Miriam Taylor

The Missing Link: Neuroscience research has shown that we cannot work with trauma without working with the body, but few of us are trained in body process. This one day workshop covers theory and practical techniques for including the body in trauma therapy, based in neuroscience. Miriam Taylor, a Gestalt therapist, supervisor, international trainer and author, will guide the day. Read more