The lies rape myths tell us and why we have to dispel them

In this blog by Jessica Smythe, MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology, we look at rape myths, the stereotyped and false beliefs about sexual assaults, rapists and rape victims which often serve to excuse sexual violence, create hostility toward victims and can lead to bias in criminal prosecution. Read more

How the Brain Works in Response to a Traumatic Event

In this blog by Alison Woodward, Clinical Supervisor at STARS Dorset, we look at How the Brain Works in Response to a Traumatic Event. The 5 Fs, Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flop and Friend. Read more

Why do we victim blame?

In this blog by Ellie Rowe, MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology student at Bournemouth University, we look at Victim Blaming. Victim blaming often involves false beliefs or thoughts that attempt to shift the blame from the perpetrator of the crime to the victim Read more

What is the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)?

The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) is a free, fast, emergency injunction service for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence.  Our service allows anyone who has recently been threatened or subjected to domestic abuse to apply for an emergency court injunction. Read more

What is an ISVA?

Ever wondered what an ISVA is? Here one of our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA), Sarah, talks about her role at STARS Dorset. Read more

The problematic use of past sexual history as evidence in rape trials

The problematic use of past sexual history as evidence in rape trials by Kez Bhola-Dare, 2ND Year Law Student, Bournemouth University, and Jamie Fletcher, Lecturer in Law, Bournemouth University. Whilst there are a range of sexual assault myths that can influence rape trials, this blog focuses on the myth that a women’s sexual history is an indicator of consent to the act in question. Read more

Green Flags vs Red Flags

We all know about red flags in relationships. Those little (or big) things that trigger our warning system and get the alarm lights flashing. But how much do you know about green flags? Read more

A Good Night Out

Since 2014, The Good Night Out Campaign has been on a mission for safer nightlife. They believe that nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear and they work proactively to support re-education around sexual violence. Read more

Why domestic abuse is everyone’s business...

Why Domestic Abuse is everyone's business.... As an employer, what can you do to support your employee? by Julie Johns MBE Read more

Homicide and violence in sexual activity, moving from defence to offence

This blog by three Law Academics from Bournemouth University, discusses the forthcoming Domestic Abuse Bill and argues that in order to avoid a major legal pitfall, campaigners need to articulate the problem and their aim more clearly, engage with the current law and adopt the legal terminology that will effectively make their point. Read more

Victoria's Volunteering Story

This week is Volunteers Week and throughout the week we will be releasing a series of blogs from our volunteers, past and present, about their different volunteering roles. This is Victoria's story. Read more