The lies rape myths tell us and why we have to dispel them

In this blog by Jessica Smythe, MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology, we look at rape myths, the stereotyped and false beliefs about sexual assaults, rapists and rape victims which often serve to excuse sexual violence, create hostility toward victims and can lead to bias in criminal prosecution. Read more

How the Brain Works in Response to a Traumatic Event

In this blog by Alison Woodward, Clinical Supervisor at STARS Dorset, we look at How the Brain Works in Response to a Traumatic Event. The 5 Fs, Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flop and Friend. Read more

Why do we victim blame?

In this blog by Ellie Rowe, MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology student at Bournemouth University, we look at Victim Blaming. Victim blaming often involves false beliefs or thoughts that attempt to shift the blame from the perpetrator of the crime to the victim Read more

The problematic use of past sexual history as evidence in rape trials

The problematic use of past sexual history as evidence in rape trials by Kez Bhola-Dare, 2ND Year Law Student, Bournemouth University, and Jamie Fletcher, Lecturer in Law, Bournemouth University. Whilst there are a range of sexual assault myths that can influence rape trials, this blog focuses on the myth that a women’s sexual history is an indicator of consent to the act in question. Read more

Compassion in a Cold Climate

For many COVID-19 has ignited flames of anxiety- for those who already struggle with their mental health, it has poured fuel on the fire. Anxiety is a normal human response to adverse situations. Read more

COVID-19 and the Impact of Trauma

Looking at the longer-term psychological impact of this world wide pandemic on our mental wellbeing by Trauma Therapist, Philippa Dryland. Read more

Breathing Ourselves into Calm

Chiropractor, Dr Lyana Nepia DC talks about Diaphragm breathing and how it stimulates the calm, rest and repair side of our nervous system. Read more

Moving from Self-Loathing to Self-Love

A beautiful reflective piece by one of our Wellbeing Workshop leaders, Rachel Wilkinson. Rachel is a MARK (Minded Addictions Recover Kit) therapist and founder of CYC Community Yoga Collective a Dorset project making wellbeing accessible to all. Read more

Mindfulness and Anxiety during COVID-19

By Chris Finn, Mindfulness Teacher, Psychotherapist & Wellbeing at Work Trainer, ( Read more

How to manage our mood during uncertain times

by Jessica Smythe, MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology and STARS Volunteer Read more

Victoria's Volunteering Story

This week is Volunteers Week and throughout the week we will be releasing a series of blogs from our volunteers, past and present, about their different volunteering roles. This is Victoria's story. Read more