Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme: the Right to Ask and the Right to Know

Lucy Hale, a detective with Dorset Police, writes about Clare's Law; a tool that helps individuals make informed decisions about continuing a relationship by enquiring about a person's past history of domestic abuse. Read more

Here's How the Story (Never) Ends

Gary Pleece, from the Male Survivors Partnership, writes about the importance of research in transforming support for men and boys affected by sexual violence. Read more

Another hidden cost of disability – lack of support for disabled victims of sexual assault or abuse

Lorraine Stanley, a disabled woman, writes about her personal experience with sexual abuse and how it is a common issue for disabled people. She highlights the CSEW report for 2018-2020 showing that women with disabilities were more likely to experience sexual assault than women without disabilities. Read more

Leicester University’s work on gender-based violence

A blog by the Wellbeing Officer and the Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator at Leicester Students' Union on what they have done to tackle gender based violence on campus. Read more

Neurodiversity in counselling

By Dr Shanti Shanker  CPsychol. FHEA, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Bournemouth University & Trainee Counsellor Read more

Moving Towards an Agendered Perpetrator, Time For Change to the Sexual Offences Act 2003

Whilst the Sexual Offences Act 2003 modernised ‘rape’ through the introduction of an agendered victim, this blog written by a student and lecturers in Law from Bournemouth University, argues it is now time to introduce the agendered perpetrator. Read more

Sexual Violence and Abuse in the LGBT+ Community

Sexual violence and abuse has high figures in the LGBT+ community, but considering this fact, it is not discussed enough, meaning stories can go unheard and help can go ungiven. Read more

LGBTQ+ History month

LGBTQ+ History month began in the UK in 2005. Its goal was to bring LGBTQ+ history to light. To provide resource, role models and context for LGBTQ+ children and adults. A drive to redress the balance, to correct the straightwashing of history. Read more

Who are The Survivors Trust?

The Survivors Trust is a non-profit, national membership organisation for specialist rape and sexual abuse services. Their vision is to improve access to specialist services for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and assault. STARS Dorset is a member of The Survivors Trust. Read more

What happens when you report a sexual assault and what is Dorset Police doing to improve its service.

A blog by Steve Symms, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RaSSo) Force Champion for Dorset Police on how the police work on a sexual assault case and a link to their Investigation Timeline. Read more

Support for those living with HIV - Body Positive Dorset

1st December is World AIDS Day, and it is a day to remember those that have lost the battle to AIDS complications and to commemorate the people living with or affected by HIV. But what does it mean to be a woman in all of this? A blog by Samantha Dawson Manager of Body Positive Dorset Read more