There are so many ways we can work with Corporate Partners to help survivors across Dorset on their road to recovery and your company's support can make a huge difference.

We can tailor a unique programme of activity including fundraising, volunteering and event sponsorship opportunities specifically for your company. We can also offer training for staff, team leaders and HR managers around managing disclosures, spotting the signs and providing support for those who have experienced sexual violence. We are also available to provide advice and consultancy on developing Sexual Violence and Safeguarding policies for the workplace.

Each corporate partnership is unique and as a result we create bespoke programmes to ensure the partnership is a success. By working with us there is likely to be increased motivation amongst your employees and increased public perception of your company.

To find out more about how we can work together and the benefits to your business of working together please contact Helen Stevens, our Service Manager either by phone on 01202 308856 or email [email protected] 

We are always looking for corporate sponsorship so if you are a Dorset business and wanting to partner with a Dorset charity please do get in touch.