Clare’s Sky Dive for STARS

Clare Morris

STARS Dorset is an incredible charity which offers support to survivors of sexual violence. Over 80 volunteers help provide this free service to anyone who needs individualised support to work through their trauma and rebuild their lives.

Simone's Sky Dive

Simone Gosden

I am very proud to be a part of the STARS Dorset team and believe passionately that survivors of sexual violence deserve quality services to help them rebuild and thrive.

Victoria's midlife crisis

Victoria Johnson

I am lucky enough to work for this wonderful charity for children, young people and adults who have suffered sexual trauma. Every penny goes towards helping people recover and move forward.

Vikki Taylor’s Sky Dive for STARS

Vikki Taylor

STARS Dorset is an amazing charity that supports anyone of any age who has been affected by sexual violence. All their services are free so they rely heavily on donations.