A leap of faith!

Marianne Taylor

STARS is a charity in Dorset that supports and advocates for victims of sexual and domestic abuse, including child sexual abuse.


Winston Leese

I am very pleased to be supporting Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service Dorset. It provides invaluable support to any one in Dorset who has experienced sexual violence at any time in their life

Saskia’s STARS skydive fundraising page

Saskia Blizzard

Because STARS is a brilliant resource for survivors of sexual violence and they are such a worthy cause of support.

Ezme's Charity Skydive for STARS Dorset

Ezme Selby

With support from Waitrose and Partner's Dorchester, I am taking part in a 15,000-foot skydive in order to raise money for STARS Dorset. I am fundraising for this charity to recognise and support the continuation of the invaluable work and key services that it provides.

Support ALL our 2021 Sky Divers

STARS Dorset

This fundraising page is for ALL our brave skydivers who are jumping this July, if you want to support the whole group rather than one individual please donate here. Thank you.

Sarah's Skydive for STARS

Sarah Ellis

I'm jumping out of a plane (Eek!) to raise money for STARS Dorset.
STARS offer invaluable support to people who've been through sexual trauma. Please help me to raise money for this worthy cause.

Sarahs Skydive

Sarah Cubitt

I am raising money for STARS to contribute to the continuation of the incredible work that the charity does.

Pauline's skydive in aid of STARS

Pauline Brown

STARS is a pan-Dorset charity that offers one to one support, free of charge, for anyone of any age or gender who lives, works or studies in Dorset and has experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their life. A fantastic charity who do so much for the local community.

George's Skydive for STARS

George Blizzard

STARS, a Dorset charity, provides a fantastic service to survivors of sexual trauma and domestic abuse. I want to fundraise so STARS can continue to help these individuals.

Tyne's 15,000ft Skydive

Tyne Williams

I would like to raise money for STARS Dorset to recognise and support all the work that they do.

James' 15,000ft Charity Sky Dive For STARS Dorset

James Gray

I'm raising money for STARS Dorset to help support this incredible charity and the various services it provides. STARS fulfil an outstanding role, in Dorset, by assisting individuals who have experienced any form of sexual violence, within their lives. Indeed, it is because of all this and so much more that I have decided to help fundraise for this brilliant cause.