Hello ☺️ My name is Mandy. Thank you for clicking onto my page.

Today is June 1st, WORLD NARCISSISTIC ABUSE AWARENESS DAY. What better day to launch my fundraising page.....

At some point during our lives we know of someone, whether it’s yourself, or someone close to you, a loved one who has experienced some form of abuse, whether that’s emotional, physical, mental, sexual even financial. It’s a subject survivors find hard to talk about, even their families.

STARS Dorset supports those survivors who have suffered from rape, sexual violence, domestic abuse or exploitation of any age and gender throughout their lifetime. The object of this fantastic charity is to relieve some of the trauma survivors sadly have to live with.

The fantastic team at STARS Dorset are approachable, caring and above all professional and confidential. Offering a telephone helpline, free face to face counselling and personnel S.V.R.T support.

Please find it in your hearts to help me share my page to raise money which in turn will go directly to this worthwhile local charity. 🙏 Doesn’t matter how small every penny counts.

Thank you for taking the time to read and remember PLEASE donate and share 🤗

Kindest regards
Mandy @The Hair Retreat

Mandy Howard