STARS - New Name for Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre

Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre has changed its name and will become known as STARS, an acronym on its new name, Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service – Dorset Rape Crisis. The new name was the clever idea of one of the charity’s volunteers with the aim of encouraging more people across the county to engage with the charity and the support it offers. STARS was then developed by Global Brand Communications, a Bournemouth based design agency, who created the new logo and imagery.

The New Logo and Imagery

An asterisk has been used throughout the new branding to help draw attention to keywords and services - they are important, life changing and strong, but presented using a colour palette of calm and appealing tones. The imagery is emotive and helps act as a reminder that these services are available to everyone, regardless of age, gender or situation. It evokes a feeling of hope that recovery is possible and reassurance that help is on hand. Relevant to both adults and children the messaging and imagery is both strong and thoughtful.

Helen Stevens, STARS Service Manager said “As a client led organisation it is really important to us that we reduce the barriers of coming forward for support after an experience of sexual assault, rape or any other form of sexual violence.  We therefore wanted to ensure that as we continue to grow that our specialist support services are accessible to everyone across Dorset.  It is really important to use that we reduce any barrier to accessing our services. We are delighted with the new name and excited by our new brand identity created by Global Brand Communications as we truly believe it will help a wider group of survivors to engage with our support and be helped on their journey of recovery.”

Sharon Parker, Global Brand Communications Commercial Director added “Global Brand Communications is incredibly proud to have created the new STARS brand, to help raise awareness of the amazing work carried out by the charity. Developing an identity that is engaging, impactful, sometimes shocking, but also approachable, positive and unifying, has been a challenge we have truly embraced. We were inspired by the passion and dedication of the STARS team and the transformational work they undertake every day. They now have a brand that will support them in the next phase of their journey and far beyond!”