STARS Dorset has been awarded funds by the Tampon Tax Fund which will be used to launch a series of six week Wellbeing Workshops throughout 2019 which will consist of Yoga, Art and Sound Healing sessions. The workshops will run from February to November. These workshops are free to existing clients or those who have recently left the service. 

Yoga Workshops

These will run at the Poole Yoga Studio. Classes will be facilitated by two qualified yoga instructors to ensure clients are well supported and offered one to one support when needed. The lead facilitator is also a MARK (Minded Addictions Recover Kit) therapist which means she has studied the benefits of yoga for clients who have experienced trauma. Classes have been designed to be mindful of postures used, avoiding those that may cause vulnerability and trigger PTSD. Yoga builds strength both physically and mentally, it helps with grounding and to gain a greater awareness of self which can support long term recovery from trauma.

Art Workshops

These will run at Winton Methodist Church Hall. Art therapy can help improve a person's functionality in daily life, aid mental and emotional growth and enhance their sense of wellbeing. Using art and craft as the tool a qualified art teacher and NLP practitioner will create a safe and social environment to allow clients to develop self-esteem and social skills. Over the six week programme clients will design and paint a silk scarf that can be kept as a memento of the learning experience. Clients will develop skills in time management and planning and build resilience to finish a project and problem solve imperfections.

Sound Healing Workshops

These will take place the Alchemy Clinic in Wimborne. These sessions will explore the art of using sound as a therapeutic tool. The workshops will be facilitated by a qualified therapeutic counsellor, sound therapist and body therapist. Participants will experience a gentle introduction to sound helping to reconnect the mind and body. Sound bath meditations include gongs, Tibetan sound bowls, quartz crystal bowls, drums and other sounds. These workshops allow the group to connect in a gentle and nurturing environment while allowing communication and connection in a non-threatening way.