STARS Dorset offers a comprehensive range of training courses for those working with or supporting survivors of sexual violence. Our training has been developed from our knowledge and experience of providing a range of specialist support services for over thirty years.

Training can be morning or afternoon or a whole day depending on your needs and the teams you need to be trained. We have a training venue we can use or alternatively we are able to deliver training in your own premises.

Our training has been delivered to universities, school, businesses and care homes across the county.

Our training falls into two main categories:

Employer Awareness Training

Many people do not realise how prominent issues of sexual violence are within our society. Forms of sexual violence such as childhood abuse, domestic abuse and sexual assault can often spill over into the workplace. If you are Dorset employer we can provide training for staff, team leaders and HR managers. Training is delivered around spotting the signs, managing disclosures and providing support. We are also able to provide advice and consultancy on developing Sexual Violence and Safeguarding policies for the workplace.

Professionals Training

We have various training courses and workshops available to professionals including how to manage disclosures and how to stay safe as a frontline practitioner and the effects of vicarious trauma. We have also developed our own Trauma Informed Training for professionals to explore how trauma effects the brain. Our training programme enables delegates to understand what complex trauma is and how it can manifest itself in people, to understand the physiological and neurological factors that occur in the body when trauma is experienced, to learn strategies to manage situations where people have been triggered  and to consider what factors may contribute to those triggers. We also look at the impact of working with people with complex trauma and to learn techniques of self-care to minimise the risk of secondary trauma.

If you would like further information on any of our training or to book please contact Helen Stevens our Service Lead on 01202 308 840 or email [email protected]